Expand the existing Swapfile on Linux

Note that this only applies if you’re using a swapfile as opposed to a swap partition. This will apply if you’re using full disk encryption since the swap file is then also encrypted. Most modern linux distro’s will behave in this way by default.

Ignore the first dd command since it contains a typo (shown)

If you’re using KDE Plasma as your desktop environment, for entertainment purposes, open Memory.

The Memory Information dialog opens to look like this.

Now expand the window by dragging a corner and you’ll see some neat graphs of memory usage…

Memory and Swap Usage graphs in KDE Plasma Desktop Environments “Memory” app

Now with your Konsole to one side of the graphs, observe the changes going on on the system as you execute each command. Really quite cool. KDE Plasma is great. By far my favourite desktop environment. I recommend it but live in it for a week and figure it all out since it’s quite comprehensive. You’ll likely not go back!


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