Firefox Bookmarks location (Linux)

At some point you may find yourself wishing you could get your firefox boomarks from another user home directory on your laptop or on backup.

I want to be able to find them, and restore them into Firefox in my new profile.

This is the location in the filesystem where the Firefox bookmarks are kept.  Firefox appears to retain backups of the bookmarks on its own, which is very convenient indeed.


Simply copy the most recent file to the same location in your new profile.  The filename is fairly cryptic looking, e.g.


so my advice would be to not change it at all, just copy it as it is into the same location in your new profile.

You’ll need to restart firefox before you’ll see it as a recoverable item in  the Firefox Bookmarks, Show All Bookmarks, Backup and Restore dialog.

In newer versions of Firefox, the menu bar and bookmarks toolbar are missing by default (I hate all this modern minimalism as it smacks of form over function) but you can enable it again by right clicking on a blank bit of GUI and selecting Menu bar and Bookmarks bar (Highly recommended).


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