vCenter Server Appliance installer fails on Linux

If you’ve downloaded the vCenter Server Appliance .iso file, unpacked it to a folder on your Linux workstation, then hit a problem during installation reading the .ovf file during deployment to your VMWare ESXi hypervisor


The end of the installation log will read something like this

There were a couple additional steps I had to do in order to get it to run from my filesystem, rather than from a mounted .iso.

firstly, chmod -R 777 the whole lot, e.g. if you’ve unpacked the iso into a folder called /vCentre-deployment then chmod -R 777 /vCentre -deployment

You will likely have to chmod +x the  ./vcsa-ui-installer/lin64/installer file too.  I didn’t need to run it using sudo since the installation is to a remote ESXi host on the network, not the local machine.

Upon re-running the installer, you should progress past the point where the installer throws the error shown above and see the following screen.

Note that even for a “tiny” deployment, 10GB of RAM is required on the ESXi host.  A frankly obscene minimum requirement and hence where this blog post subsequently ends.


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