PS4 Won’t log in to PSN

A major annoyance with the Sony Playstation 4 is that intermittently the PS4 won’t log in to PSN.  And unless it successfully logs into the PlayStation Network, pretty much all your apps are useless.    It’s really annoying that the PSN needlessly gets in the way of my ability to watch a programme on All4 or BBC iPlayer etc that have no dependency on the PSN whatsoever.

This is extremely frustrating when you know its connected to the internet and iPlayer or All4 service is operating normally, but you can’t do what you want to do, because you have a stupid (No)Play Station.  GRRRR!!!  It’s so Sony to do this too.  Not a fan.

If it wasn’t for my Gran Turismo addiction, I’d bin it.

So.  To improve matters, you need to set up your network connection again, only this time do it a little differently, specifying the DNS and MTU settings manually.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

MTU: 1473

Settings, Network, Set Up Internet Connection

Choose Wi-Fi or Cabled connection

Choose Custom

Automatic should be fine but I find it connects to the internet faster using a static IP Address.   If you do specify an address make sure it an address outside the scope on the DHCP server to prevent a potential IP address conflict on the network.  You may need to log onto the router and reduce the default DHCP scope accordingly, or set a reservation for the PS4.  Make sure your subnet mask is unless you know better and your gateway likely looks like 192.168.x.1 where x is either 0 or 1.

Manually set the DNS addresses to those of the Google DNS Servers

Leave DHCP settings alone unless you want to receive an IP address from a DHCP server on your LAN other than the one on your wifi & router supplied by your ISP.

Set the MTU manually.  This pertains to the message transfer unit size on the network.  The default is 1500, but 1473 works better.

That’s it for the networking config.

Make sure it’s set to connect to the Internet

Something else you can check is in Settings, Users, Login Settings for your User, make sure the check box “Automatically log in to PS4 automatically” is checked.

Reset PSN Account Password

The thing that ultimately made the difference for me, was in Settings, Account Settings, Re-enter your PSN Password.  I don’t know what happens “behind the scenes” when you do this, but boom!  it logged straight into the PlayStation Network no problem and my apps all work perfectly.

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