Console Access on HP/3COM OfficeConnect Managed Gigabit Switch

  1. Purchase USB console cable
  2. In Windows, plug in cable, search for Device Manager, then click on “Update Driver” on any Serial port items that show warnings.  The internet found and installed working drivers for me.
  3. Optionally download the manual for the switch.  OfficeConnect 3CDSG8 Manual
  4. Download and Install PuTTY
  5. Create a serial connection with the following settings, BAUD 38,400/8 bit/no parity/1 stop bit/no hardware flow control
  6. Log on to the switch as admin and refer to the screenshot below to disable DHCP and configure a static IP address.

Next ping the new IP address, and attempt to connect using a web browser.

Log in using the same admin and password as with the console.


2 Replies to “Console Access on HP/3COM OfficeConnect Managed Gigabit Switch”

  1. Hi, Matt.
    THANKS for the hint on the serial speed. Just what I needed to factory reset the 3com switch.
    2 suggestions to add to you google-findable-info:
    1) hit + + to interrupt boot and go to safe mode where the system menu enables you to reload defaults.
    2) Not all USB to serial dongles support 38400 🙂
    BTW the device does not seem to have a CLI , bummer.
    Regards Marcel

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