Manually Upgrading WordPress

  1. Get the latest WordPress tar.gz file.
  2. Unpack it on your computer
  3. Deactivate plugins on your wordpress site.
  4. Using filezilla, rename the old wp-includes and wp-admin directories on your web host.
  5. Using filezilla, upload the new wp-includes and wp-admin directories to your web host, in place of the previously renamed directories.
  6. Upload the individual files from the new wp-content folder to your existing wp-content folder, overwriting existing files. Do NOT delete your existing wp-content folder. Do NOT delete any files or folders in your existing wp-content directory (except for the one being overwritten by new files).
  7. Upload all new loose files from the root directory of the new version to your existing wordpress root directory.
  8. Reconnect to admin page.  If a database update is required it’ll automatically notify you.
  9. Reactivate all plugins.
  10. Any problems, restore easyspace backups from control panel.

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