Configure VNX for NDMP

Filesystems on your VNX can be backed up using NDMP in emc Networker.  The Networker side of things is already concisely documented here… under the heading Adding a NAS filesystem to backup (using NDMP)


In order for NDMP backups to work, some configuration of the VNX is necessary.

Create network interface for Backup

server_ifconfig server_2 -create -Device FSN01_NDMP_Backup -name Backup -protocol IP iii.iii.iii.iii sss.sss.sss.sss bbb.bbb.bbb.bbb mtu=1500 vlan=902

If you’re unsure of the correct broadcast address bbb.bbb.bbb.bbb, you can go through the motions of configuring an interface using Unisphere first, then use the pre-determined broadcast address in your command line before committing the change.  If you do commit the change, you’ll just need to delete the interface before recreating it using the CLI.  The advantage to using the CLI is that you can assign a name to your interface e.g. “Backup”.  Using unisphere, it’ll assign a name automatically (the IP address separated by hyphens) which is less meaningful.


Check for ndmp user and add user and reset password

/nas/sbin/server_user server_2 -list

/nas/sbin/server_user -add -md5 -passwd ndmp

/nas/sbin/server_user -passwd ndmp



Check port range

server_param server_2 -facility NDMP -info portRange



Check data streams value is consistent with parallelism value in Networker

server_param server_2 –facility NDMP –info concurrentDataStreams

server_param server_2 –facility NDMP –modify concurrentDataStreams –value 8


List full paths required to configure NDMP backup clients (emc VNX)

server_mount server_2

e.g. /root_vdm_2/CYBERFELLA_Test_FS




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