Management Logs on Cisco UCS Blades

As of firmware 1.4.1 (old now), the Management Logs tab was renamed SEL Logs.

If you’re running VMWare ESXi on a Cisco M200 blade, then you may notice a hardware event trigger in vCenter Server, with a fault of System Board 0 SEL_FULLNESS.

This occurs when the UCS Management Log for a given blade breaches it’s own monitoring threshold of 90% full.

To clear it, Log into UCS Manager, Equipment tab, Servers, Server n, SEL Logs tab, and Backup or Clear the log.

Don’t forget to at least take a look at the log to make sure it hasn’t filled due to real, unresolved hardware problems.  The SEL Log logs absolutely everything that goes on to the extent of even logging LED’s as they turn on and off on the equipment, so these logs fill quite quickly.


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