Solaris 11 Networking with ipadm (Basic)

The following concise post is intended as a reference to the networking commands used to satisfy basic networking requirements on a Solaris 11 host.

Using dladm and ipadm commands to modify the live configuration and also modify the config files in one go, means that networking changes made this way are persistent, i.e. survive a system reboot.

Show Network Links

dladm show-link

dladm show-phys

Show Network Addresses

ipadm show-addr

Create IP interface

ipadm create-ip net0 && dladm show-link && dladm show-phys net0

At this point although there is an IPv4 interface, there is no IP address bound to it (just the internal loopback address).

Configure IP interface to use DHCP

ipadm create-addr -T dhcp net0  && ipadm show-addr

Configure Static IP address on IP interface

ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0 && ipadm show-addr

Delete IP interface

In our case, the IP interface that is configured to use DHCP.

ipadm delete-addr -r net0/v4




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