Installing Dropbox on ElementaryOS (Freya)

ElementaryOS is the closest thing to Mac OS-X in terms of consistency and minimalism of it’s desktop environment interface.  Unlike other Linux distro’s it’s released when the developers think it’s ready, rather than a 6 month rolling cycle.  It’ll take a lot to turn my head away from Linux Mint but Elementary has got a lot of things going for it to be quite honest and I’ll leave you to discover them yourself.  I’m only interested in problems, and the first one I ran into was installing Dropbox.  Installing it from the Software Centre doesn’t work.

They way to sort it, is to install git using sudo apt-get install git

Once git is installed, then run the following commands

git clone /tmp/elementary-dropbox
bash /tmp/elementary-dropbox/


Dropbox will then open, asking for your account username and password, and the Dropbox sync icon will appear in WingPanel.



22 Replies to “Installing Dropbox on ElementaryOS (Freya)”

    1. ok the app center option failed at the second step with some signature mismatch. The git option above worked like a charm – thanks!

  1. The default installation makes the icon look corrupted in elementary os 0.4 loki.

    Your tutorial worked well in Loki as well. Thank you.

  2. First class script, thanks. I’d puzzled over this for a while and had difficulty getting things back to stability after the first attempt, but this seems to have worked admirably

  3. Muchas gracias!!! Acabo de instalar este OS y la verdad es que me tiene encantado.
    thanks a lot !!!!!

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