Missing sidHistory attributes on migrated accounts

Log onto a server and open a command prompt as Administrator.

Issue the following dsquery to create a four column, comma separated text file of all users names, logon names, primary object SID and if applicable, sidHistory SID.  Then open this .csv file in Excel and Auto Filter the sidHistory column to show all blanks.  This is the list of accounts that have NOT been subject to an inter-domain user account migration.

dsquery * “OU=Groups,OU=MigratedGroups,OU=Cromford,OU=UK,OU=DEV,OU=VMFARM,DC=cyberfella,DC=co,DC=uk” -filter “(&(objectClass=User))” -attr samAccountName cn ObjectSID sidHistory -limit 20000 > missing-sidhistories.txt


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